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Stop crying you children

Im not exactly fond of Commando, or Ben.
That being said, Commando knows his shit, he is from one of the first generations of members on RG. He's been Staff, he's been an owner. The fact that so many people are leaving because Ben put Commando in chargé of EPs is ridiculous. I admit, I myself have said something along the lines of "You should have trained the S-EPs for Head instead", but then I realized: Ben is an Owner. The server is his and Vyper's, and so is the staff. They needed an experienced head, so they called in Commando. Case fucking closed. 
Now, if you're going to talk about how Ben allegedly put in his friend as Ensign - I dont have that confirmed, but if he did: So what? He's gonna get bored and leave. If he wont, then there are two options: 1) He's actually good at his job and you wont mind him and 2) He'll be bad at his job and Ben and Vyper will get rid of him.
Not everything needs to be agreed upon on a community meeting, by the community. The Owners are here for a reason, they arent just glorified staff members with red names. Commando being a Head EP isnt the end of the world. Get over it.

For the other side of the argument: Dont treat people that are sick of the situation like dirt. I am not going to point any fingers. These people dont like it because they are too used to the "Community is the boss". 

Honestly, I dont really mind, all this drama gives me shit to enjoy, my summer is too boring anyway

Grow the fuck up

This is tree's version of nick is rambling i love it <3 U go girl

Im loving the drama, gives me something to read.
Cyrus Smells

Yea he really does

shut up I'll ban you tree

If this drama is all you’re going to be doing or enjoying this summer than that’s quite depressing.

(07-12-2018, 10:42 PM)Dutchman Wrote: If this drama is all you’re going to be doing or enjoying this summer than that’s quite depressing.

Im doing something in three weeks, but other than that, its this and Total War Rome 2 for me

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