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Origin story of daydreamer

This is literally why i came to RG in the first place, first and mostly only servers i played on GMOD.

also commando you cant deny anymore on what you did

2nd part is even better. mamba running through deck 2 HB area yelling "give me your anal virginity"

I remember first seeing this picture ^ and we all thought you were some kind of crack dealer

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well god damnit. hoped noone has that picture. welp what do you expect from someone that is tired as hell and might bit a little tiny bit drunk

atleast i wasnt a little B like BEN/GHOSTLEY and post a photo from the internet

Ben didn't, this is Ben's pic that he put on the video

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ah so he did put up a real photo eventually?

he's a hot thot with a lot of love to give

whatever you feel like.....

I got Daydreamer picture saved in my wank bank since 2016
Drama obsessed twat

[Image: All-These-Flavors-And-You-Choose-To-Be-S...icture.jpg]


tonight i will touch myself to the thought that you touched yourself thinking of me.

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