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Delta models

Model suggestions: A lot of people want a change with the current delta models for various reasons, personally I think they look too shiny and under the armour the models actually look anorexic and I think the actual Delta Squad models look a lot better. All 4 of Delta Squad currently want the models changed and we have spoke with our regimental fleet as well and he agrees also.
- Have you tested the model yourself? Yes
- Is it worth adding it? Yes
- Is it a serious model which fits the role of the job needed for it? Yes
- Have you actually provided the model within the suggestions?
- Have you provided the regiment it would be for within the suggestions? Delta Squad
- Is the model already on the server? No
[Image: giphy.gif]

Current delta models look really out of place, even though they are CGI

We used to use these and i'm pretty sure we don't have them anymore was because Vyper wanted them changed. This has already been suggested before by bootman I think and was denied. Anyway i'm neutral on this
[Image: giphy.gif]
                                       CG Responding!

+1, I don't want to look like a anorexic stick man anymore

We might as well switch to EA at this point and have some CGI models that are similar to EA. There are way more models for EA I believe and its more realistic. I haven't seen a lot of servers that I have played on use EA models.
[Image: tumblr_p6iuzsU22V1r9i2iuo1_540.gif]

+1 whatever


the armors are really crappy looking and low textured

Its that time of day again when noodles comes back from the dead to +1 this shit
We have only one question...... 

Are you ready to become a Delta

[Image: tumblr_omyd78Yumo1qibhi9o2_500.gif]

Then lets go

[Image: c9c9645b1aded785cc75f9557eeefd5b.gif]

I'd go ahead and say neutral, I agree with Aldash, they honestly dont look great and I think that the current Delta squad models look fine, but I think that if this is what DS wants, including the regimental fleet as well, then I dont think its a bad idea implementing them.

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