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It's ya boi, skinny penis. I mean Bevan.

I intended on doing this a while back but due to my account taking a while to validate, and then me forgetting about it, it's a bit late. I know most of you already now and I hope of you know me a bit now. But I still wanted to make this for those that don't or the newer people on the server.

Hi, my name is Bevan, I'm 16 and turn 17 on the 13th of June. I live in Belgium with my mom and stepdad. My dad passed away when I still was a baby. I enjoy swimming and gaming. I've got 780 hours on Gmod as of right now, most of which spend on SWRP. I like being in elite regiments and being a medic, but I'm most often not strict enough to be a commander. As far as pilot and engineer go. Well I suck at flying and I don't really like being an engineer most of the time unless I get explosives with it like in EOD. I've tried being fleet but I'm completly not fit for that. That's about all. 
Nice to meet you guys.

Nice to meet you too Bevan!

Excellent, another medic, have fun on this wonderfull and friendly community. We're totally not closeted assholes and racists  Heart
[Image: CsI2D4t.png]

"Once a medic, always a medic." - Fleet Commander Bronto

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