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Noodles' Trial Event Planner Application


Application Short

EP Requirements:
You must have at least 5 days on the server before you can apply for staff: 
(Image at the very bottom) 

Must be at least 15 years old.Unless given permission by Head of Staff/Head of EP: 
[Check I asked for permission and was granted]

Must be mature. 

If found that answers to the EP Requirements are faked, you will be automatically denied.
[I do understand]

If you are denied you have to wait a week before re-applying again.
[I do understand]

If you have been kicked/demoted out of EP and or staff, you cannot apply unless permission is given by Head of EP or Head of Staff: 
[I do understand]

Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
[I do understand]

You understand that if you plagiarize on your application you will be permanently denied?:
[I do understand]

Player Information: 

Steam Name: [RG] Noodles

Steam ID:  STEAM_1:1:196539949

Steam Profile link:

Roleplay name: T Delta Squad RC-1262

Where are you from?: England

Do you both speak and understand fluent English?: Yes I do

What is your full DoB and age?: 17/04

Do you have any previous bans/warning. include what for (Check by doing !warns or ask a staff member about bans): I have 2, 1 for homophobia from Georgee and 1 for failrp (using a taxi car to transport 5 CTs to the ship) from Zero

Have you ever had previous ULX experience if so, name 3 examples that you might use as EP:

!model (For changing the models of each EC)
!bring (For bringing ECs for modeling and setting them up)
!give (For giving ECs equipment for use in the event)

Explain why you want to be a trial eventplanner (in atleast one paragraph):

I want to be a trial event planner because I go onto the server everyday and I see on average 2 events each day and most of the time they are by Eon (Trial Admin). So I want to make events that are fun and encourage the server base to come back and so people don't get bored every day they are on the server. I know you all know this but we need to fix this and I think that is why I want to be an Event Planner.

Explain why we should make you a trial eventplanner (in atleast one paragraph):

I think you should make me a trial event planner because I have had experience and I can bring my new ideas on events to the server and I can be active and make regular mini and offworld events. Also I am mature and I could build structures for use in SIMS and Events which would bring new challenges to events and make them fun again.

The event characters you’ve selected are not following the main objective they have been told and are almost ruining your event, what do you do?:
Firstly I would goto them and say please follow the objective and tell them it and if they continued I would quickly ask an EP to step in and replace them then once they were replaced ask a staff member to sort them out.

What type of loadout and hp, would you give to a;

1.Bounty hunter: 2000 HP  tfa_swch_ee3  tfa_752_westar34   weapon_rpw_binoculars

2.Basic Droid: 300HP tfa_swch_e5

3.Commando Droid: 750HP tfa_swch_e5 weapon_swrc_det (For Sabotaging the shields and generators)

4. Sith: 5000HP  weapon_lightsaber_dls_maul or weapon_lightsaber_dls_dual_ventress or weapon_lightsaber_dls_dooku

5. Light armed Civilian:  250HP  tfa_papanoid

There is bombs exploding on the ship and break the Venator’s shield how would you advert this?: 
[COMMS] Warning Heavy Damage to the Shield Generator| Shields Down | Repairs Needeed

You send down a bounty hunter, he’s quickly captured but you don’t want him captured. What do you do?:
I would send in an extraction unit like a hacked commando droid or another bounty hunter and have the extraction unit cause a distraction so the Bounty Hunter can be extracted.

What special skill do you bring to the EP team?

I have previous experience as and event planner on another server and I have a very wide imagination and knowledge of lore so I could make lore friendly but fun events to the server.

Give a detailed summary of what you would do for your first offworld Event, if you were to be accepted into EP:

[This Event would be set on Coruscant Underworld]

Act 1: A priority message would be sent from the Clone Guard detachment on Coruscant: It would state that their were multiple strikes on Clone Guard Patrols, stations and checkpoints. We would then jump to Coruscant and begin boarding Laats and head to the Underworld. When arrived we would set up a FOB at the Medical Centre, once set up a group would be sent out which would take an engineer and a medic to each of the sites where the CG were attacked. However 2 injured "Civilians" would enter the FOB and ask to helped as they were injured in one of the blasts, they would be taken to a bacta tank but one of the civilians has gone missing. He is taken to the bacta tank and healed and as they leave a bomb is detonated killing some of the injured people in the FOB.

Act 2: A small group is sent out to apprehend the suspects but is unsuccessful, meanwhile 19th repair the FOB and 74th heal the injured and a very sketchy person arrives informing the Fleet that there is a suspicious apartment which makes the explosives in the slums. Another group is sent out to investigate but is met with Black Sun Enforcers guarding the slum district and fire upon the group. When they get to the apartment they find a prototype war droid which attacks the group and escapes to the secret bomb factory.

Act 3: Fleet have 19th track the Wardroid's signature and they form an attacking force. When they approach the factory there is a large detachment of Black Sun Enforcers accompanied by the Wardroid, the wardroid is heavily damaged and shuts down while the outer defences are breached. The final inner defences are defeated but the entire factory is rigged to blow so an explosives expert is tasked with defusing them (Fixer or a 19th) once defused CC-4477 Thire would arrive with some CG they would thank the fleet and begin retaking control over the level.

"Injured Civilian":

Prototype Wardroid:

Black Sun Factory Manager:

Do you have anything else you want to tell us?:

Nothing except hope you enjoyed my event idea


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We have only one question...... 

Are you ready to become a Delta

[Image: tumblr_omyd78Yumo1qibhi9o2_500.gif]

Then lets go

[Image: c9c9645b1aded785cc75f9557eeefd5b.gif]

My vote:
Good event plan
Filled out to a large extent
Knows ULX commands to a certain agree

I cannot vouch for his maturity as he has a past with me that I would describe as childish, if you want me to expand on that ask me.
Where it asked you to fill out your DOB in full, you put: 17/04 which does not have a year, so you could be anywhere from 0 years old to 14
I know you are arguementative and feel like you’d be hard to work with.

I do not feel like you are appropriate for the EP team, knowing you first hand as you were an ex alpha CWO gives me full right to explain your behaviour as I have been through thick and thin.


[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_815p1hey8r4s...40_640.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

Thanks for the feedback Kolain and I must’ve missed that it’s 17/04/04 and I am 14
We have only one question...... 

Are you ready to become a Delta

[Image: tumblr_omyd78Yumo1qibhi9o2_500.gif]

Then lets go

[Image: c9c9645b1aded785cc75f9557eeefd5b.gif]

Calls ant a cunt 

Hhhhmmmmm ????

Looks alright +1
[Image: 842d10bceeac6ed9.png?1523354663978]

The application has been DENIED.
- Immaturity

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