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Saltbox Event Planner Application

1) Steam Name: 

2) Steam ID:

3) In-Game Name and Rank:
N/A - Probably a Medic

4) How much playtime do you have? (preferably 24h+ and include pic in the end): [This question enters in effect 2 weeks after the server opens]
Not much

5) Have you applied and been Denied in the last 7 days?:

6) Have you been Staff and/or EP? If so, have you been kicked and why?:
Yup, many times. Kicked for allegedly abusing EP powers.

7) What is your age?:

8) How would you:
     a) God yourself: !god ^ / ulx god ^
     b) Make yourself invisible: !cloak ^ / ulx cloak ^
     c) Teleport yourself to "Aruetyc Private Timmy": !goto timmy
     d) Teleport "Aruetyc Private Timmy" to you: !bring timmy
     e) Teleport "Aruetyc Private Timmy" to where you're looking: !tp timmy
     f) Set "Aruetyc Private Timmy"'s health points: !hp timmy (amount)
     g) Give "Aruetyc Private Timmy" the weapon "weapon_hands": !give timmy weapons_hands
     h) Change "Aruetyc Private Timmy"'s model to "models/player/stormtrooper.mdl": !model timmy models/player/stormtrooper.mdl

9) Would you use NPC and/or player and what loadout would you give a:
     a) Stormtrooper: NPC, E-11, 100HP
     b) Scout Trooper: NPC, Scout Pistol / E-11, 100HP
     c) Heavy Scout Trooper: NPC, E-11 / T-21, 200HP
     d) Special Operations Trooper: Player, E-11, 150HP
     e) Shadow Trooper: Player, E-11, 200HP
     f) Bounty Hunter: Player, EE-3, 350HP, Grapple Hook
     g) Bounty Hunter Leader: Player, EE-3, 500HP, Grapple Hook
     h) DeathWatch Troop: NPC, Deathwatch Rifle, 100HP
     i) DeathWatch Leader: Player, Deathwatch Carbine, 500HP

10) The Venator's Hangar Bay 1 Door has been damaged as part of your event. How would you advertise this?:
I wouldn't say anything in game, I would block off the button to open the hangar door and use effects / props to show the door was damaged. Such as sparks, fire or smoke. Using girders and other metal debris to show the door was damaged. Let the players figure it out.

11) You see a trooper calling Staff for whitelist outside of any event, what would you do if (keep in mind EPs can't whitelist):
     a) There are Staff on: Leave it, not my job.
     b) There are no Staff on: Go to the player and inform him there was no one on who can whitelist and apologize for his wait.

12) You see a trooper RDMing and minging during your event, what would you do if (keep in mind EPs can't warn, ban or kick):
    a) There are Staff on who didn't notice: Inform the Staff with the player's name.
    b) There are no Staff on: Give him a verbal warning and tell him to stop being a pleb. Although I can't actually do anything to stop him so might just build a box and put him in it.

13) An officer starts sidetracking your event in a direction you didn't mean for it to, what would you do?:
Events shouldn't be scripted in my opinion, start with an idea and let the players build off of it. For example, if you want to go and capture someone from a planet, you give that as a brief and then the players get to choose how they go about doing it. If I wanted to add characters then I would be specific and insure the people in command know about it.

14) Another Event Planner starts interfering with your event, what would you do?:
Tell him to stop. If he ignores me or refuses then ask someone with more authority than me to take action.

15) A lore enemy event character gets shot down while escaping, what would you do?:
Try to quickly devise a way to get them out safely, if no one is near where they go down, place a prop ship and some smoke and fire, then have the character just "escape"

16) A character is caught by the Mandalorian Dominion but you don't want him arrested, what would you do?:
Send in a rescue team with high HP and strong weapons to rescue him. 

17) You want to make an assault on the Venator in the middle of space. How would you do this?:
Place spawn creators in the appropriate areas of the ship (hangar bays for example) and get them ready to spawn. Place enemy cruisers infront of the Venator, become a high ranking officer of the enemy (Battledroid Commander, Rebellion Leader, Imperial Captain, etc) and warn the Fleet of incoming enemies. Spawn in appropriate dropships and maneuver them into the hangar bays, then start enable the spawn creators. Once the dropships are destroyed, the enemies stop spawning.

18) Why do you want to become an Event Planner?:
I've always liked running events, and I've been told I'm good at it. I like adding subtle details for people to pick up on. So you can always tell which event is a Matchbox Event.

19) If you got accepted, what would be your first Local Event and Off-World Event? (very descriptively, please):
Imperial Convoy;
In order to keep our Venator operational, we need fuel and ammunition. But where do we get it? Do we pay for it? Fuck no, we steal it. An Imperial convoy is moving through (insert map here) and they have enough fuel to keep the Venator running for a month. Depending on the player classes available depends on how I would run the event. The basic plan would be to distract the lead of the convoy while the rest of the crew attack from the rear. Everything would go smoothly, we get the supplies but the Empire send out a distress signal and reinforcements arrive. We make a hasty retreat and are greeted by Imperial forces in the space. After we deal with them, we make our way back to safe territory. The end!

The convoy would consist of many Stormtroopers, several tanks and two TX-255s to carry the supplies, or just TX-130s with crates strapped to the back of them. We move the creates into our dropships and 
leave with our new spoils!

20) Is there anything else you would like to tell us?:
RG's Playerbase;

[Image: tumblr_mra4hycX6w1sr2kqxo1_500.gif]

I've read the application and besides a couple minor grammar mistakes everything is quite good. For the time being, I'm putting it


until I get some input from Tree.

 - Dave

Oy Saltbox, I did like dem multiple event stories you created, do those again, pretty please.

One of the best EPs this community has ever seen, yes he may be somewhat of a dick from time to time, and he may be one of, if not the saltiest members of this community, beside that and some other minor issues you had in the past, I don't see why he shouldn't be fit for the role of event planner again.

[Image: CsI2D4t.png]

"Once a medic, always a medic." - Fleet Commander Bronto

Any chance you will use an EMP
Cyrus Smells

Yea he really does

(05-13-2018, 09:57 PM)Dave Wrote: I've read the application and besides a couple minor grammar mistakes everything is quite good. For the time being, I'm putting it


until I get some input from Tree.

 - Dave

Accept him

Upon receiving input from Tree, we both extremely agree on


your application.
Please speak with me whenever you're available for the basic EP training and rules.

 - Dave

EDIT: Please join our Discord.


Get a Teamspeak
RG's Playerbase;

[Image: tumblr_mra4hycX6w1sr2kqxo1_500.gif]

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