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Kolain's Event Planner Application.

EP Requirements:
You must have at least 3 days on the server before you can apply for staff: 
I have more than this at the moment but cannot see my timestamp.

Must be at least 15 years old.Unless given permission by Head of Staff/Head of EP: 

Must be mature. 
I am very mature for my age.

If found that answers to the EP Requirements are faked, you will be automatically denied.
[I understand]

If you are denied you have to wait a week before re-applying again.
I understand, I will not reapply until a week is over.

If you have been kicked/demoted out of EP and or staff, you cannot apply unless permission is given by Head of EP or Head of Staff: (place permission here if needed).
I understand completely.

Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
I understand.

You understand that if you plagiarize on your application you will be permanently denied?:
I do, I will not plagerise anything and you will not find any traces of plagerism.

Player Information:
Played since 2016 (
I am currently a member of Alpha ARC acting as a CQC Infiltrator.

Steam Name:Xenu

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:145967289

Steam Profile link:

Roleplay name: Kolain/ Alpha - 64 INF CW2 Kolain

Where are you from?: Ösnabruck, Germany.

Do you both speak and understand fluent English?: I do speak Fluent English and understand it.

What is your full DoB and age?: 1/11/2003

Do you have any previous bans/warning. include what for (Check by doing !warns or ask a staff member about bans): 
Bare in mind I think most of these are old, around 2016: 
Killing Another trooper. (I do not remember doing this ;-Wink
Jumping Out of an LAAT
Shooting a Grenade Box and killing 3 people.

One ban for: Putting a Thirty Minute video on... I do not feel this was fair however I do not like to complain about a staff memeber's actions as I trust they know what
they're doing.

I have 1000% changed for the better, I feel I am capable of being a role model to the community as an EP. I am highly capable of 

Have you ever had previous ULX experience if so, name 3 examples that you might use as EP:
I know plenty of ulx commands, you name them and I could probably give you an explanation of them.

1.) !hp ^ 1000
You can target yourself, another player or another group of players with different symbols. (@specific player, [group] "Bounty Hunter" and [yourself] ^)
2.) !armor @ 255
This resets someones armour to full capacity, you must always used the word armor not armour otherwise it will not work.
3.) !giveweapon @ sswep_weequay 
You can target a group of people, such as !giveweapon "Bounty" sswep_weequay

Explain why you want to be a trial eventplanner (in atleast one paragraph): I see a few quickly rushed events, most are just slapped together within minutes and then end... within minutes.
I am constantly thinking about making events, I can show you more I could plan quickly and efficently. I love putting a smile on peoples face and supplying fun events to servers alike.

Explain why we should make you a trial eventplanner (in atleast one paragraph): I feel like I am a very creative individual, I know I think about event plans a lot during offworlds and how they would play out.
I feel as if my behaviour in the community has improved enourmously amongst the years and I am very mature for my age. I know that I am suitable to supply an interesting enjoyable mission for the server. I plan on making
events daily. My game time is over 2,000 hours, so I am not new to this platform. I can handle situations quickly and efficently. I have been staff on many different servers, so I know ulx commands very well. I have decorated maps
for one community, and it now has over 30 players daily on it (Surreal Game Servers). I have been a Senior Admin on the one previously mentioned, a Senior Moderator on a DarkRP server that had 30-50 people on it everynight, 
so that shows my capability of using ULX Commands. Decorating maps has allowed me to learn the structure of all tools in the q menu, for example the prescision tool, stacker tool, advanced duplicator, finger poser, face poser.
I am fully capable of using textscreens, props etc. I have also helped decorate a Jedi VS Sith map.

The event characters you’ve selected are not following the main objective they have been told and are almost ruining your event, what do you do?: tell them the objective again, if they do not follow it I would call a staff member
to sort out their mingy behaviour. If they do end up jeprodizing the event I would slow it down and gather another couple event characters that would be capable of behaving during a serious event.

What type of loadout and hp, would you give to a;

1.Bounty hunter: 
Depending on the event, I'd choose it differently: Say it was mainly a bounty hunter run base with mandalorians, I'd give them 2000 hp as they would have to last longer. If there was say a senate boarding and his guards
were bounty hunters I'd give them 900 hp as they would be compact and close to eachother.

2,000 HP

2.Basic Droid:
500 HP

3.Commando Droid:
1,500 HP

4. Sith:
3,000 - 2,000 Depending on their rank, if its an apprentice the latter, if its a lord the 3,000.
Lightsaber, probably not dual as it is too over powered.

5. Light armed Civilian:
500 HP

There is bombs exploding on the ship and break the Venator’s shield how would you advert this?: 
If I am currently the Event Planner, it would be like this:
[COMMS] Venator AI: Sheild Generator... Offline... Explosives have been triggered... 

You send down a bounty hunter, he’s quickly captured but you don’t want him captured. What do you do?:
As I would not like to disturb the RP, I'd send a party of mandalorians to take out the captors... if he is heavily guarded I would make him suicide via a pill.

What special skill do you bring to the EP team?
My game time is very good, I'm on most of the day on weekends/holiday, and every afternoon. I have a full knowledge of ULX commands.

Give a detailed summary of what you would do for your first offworld Event, if you were to be accepted into EP:
Before Hand
In preparation for this event I will ask for four event characters to help with this event. I myself will be the RHC Officer. I will ask the highest ranking of the four to be a
Bounty Hunter General aslong as he wants to lead, ofcourse. The three regular bounty hunters will be called: Alias Jordyn and Price. I have chosen to do this as I have seen
we have used names like "Mr. Krabs", which whilst it is funny sometimes breaks the intense roleplay experience. The General will be called Lyno. I have chosen to give them such high
HP as I feel they should be long lasting to make the event somewhat difficult, but enough to make it fun. Their equipment has been listed below the plot line. Once set up on Jakku
I will set up sandbags for cover on the mandalorian base. 

The Story [This will take place on: rp_desert_strike]

Republic Crusador is voyaging beside coruscant when we get an abrupt message from RHC Officer Kalir requesting we collect some missing components that were lost in transition
to our venator to fix our engine core. These components have a high value and cannot be lost. They were taken by mandalorians boarding the ship mid way, which was beside their home planet Jakku
where the mandalorians happen to have their military base. They had taken control of the escort with just 4 bounty hunters... Alias, Jordyn, Price and General Lyno. They had taken the components
down to their military base. Our intel shows that it is highly secured and very dangerous, with hundreds of mandalorians protecting the perimeter. You land on a set military base on Jakku. Once a scouting
group has been set out to scout the forward area they discover the mandalorians base. There will be artillary taking out infantry coming toward the base as well as many mandalorians.
Once you have retrieved the components the CIS arrive as that is who the mandalorians were going to sell the components to. They are in short numbers of four commando droids and a couple of B1's, but
they have a manificent in the air. Meanwhile the 19th have logged into a comms earwig, which tunes into any comms in the solar system. Once doing so, they find out that the CIS have planned to bomb the area once
they had extracted the components and then take the republic venator that was under manned. In anticipation of this we return back to the venator and defend it of the CIS, whilst having extracted the components.

Bounty Hunter General: 
3,000 Health

Bounty Hunters (Regular)
2,000 HP

Do you have anything else you want to tell us?:
I may need to be brushed up on using things like headcrab canisters, mines etc, the very few stuff I'm new to. I know someone who can help me with that so that should not be a problem.

Information about my Application:
Around 1,593 words 

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_815p1hey8r4s...40_640.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

Theres not much i need to say Kolain is an amazing guy very capable of being EP, he did some stupid things in the past and he paid for it but i do think he deserves a chance i mean the read the EP app its good its really really good



Good player great app..... just one thing to say if you get in you better do good events ?

We have only one question...... 

Are you ready to become a Delta

[Image: tumblr_omyd78Yumo1qibhi9o2_500.gif]

Then lets go

[Image: c9c9645b1aded785cc75f9557eeefd5b.gif]

(04-21-2018, 09:56 PM)Noodles Wrote: Good player great app..... just one thing to say if you get in you better do good events ?

Heck yeah I will

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_815p1hey8r4s...40_640.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

Great EP application overall, Kolain is a really active member in the community and I can vouch for his maturity. I have heard some of his event ideas from personal talk and believe they would be perfect events for us to use. While you do have a few warns and even a ban, I haven't seen any problems from you during my time on the server.

I believe Kolain would make a great addition to the EP team and as such am giving this application a big +1
[Image: 57cb7c90515a9612fb90410cbbf35e4626211b60_00.jpg]

Okay, lets see...
First Off wrong template, but it's fine. It just gives us more information.
Good Understanding of the English Lexicon. +1
Good event idea of event. +1
I understand why you give the BH 2k hp but with the ion disruptor, this is a bit high as it does about 200hp damage and would kill troops too quickly. Neutral
Very Active. +1
Mature. +1
For what Skill you bring I would not say being active is a skill. -1
Over all the Pros outweigh the cons and I +1 this application and believe you would be a good addition to the team!

Seems good besides the the warns

+1 - On the event idea and your experience etc
-1 - warns

Overall +1 seems you know what your doing
[Image: 842d10bceeac6ed9.png?1523354663978]

The application is now under review


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